Life in the Time of Covid

I’ve been wanting to update this blog for months, but life just keeps getting more complicated by the day! I decided it’s time to snatch a few moments on my lunch break and see what I can accomplish.

My focus has shifted a bit. Right now, I’m really focused on my health (emotional and spiritual as well as physical). Part of that has been accomplished by working constantly at improving my house and the property around it. I’ll talk more about my home improvement projects in future posts.

I’ve also taken the step to get a dog to keep me company in the Covid isolation. Her name is Sable, and she’s a rescue from a kill shelter in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Beyond that, I can only speculate about her story. I think she’s maybe 2 years old, and I think her previous owners abused her. She’s got a ton of phobias I’ve been working her through, and the transformation has been amazing!

Grinning dog being petted
Sable loves belly rubs, arm scratches, and snout strokes. This picture was taken the day she was adopted!

Well, that’s enough of a life update for now. More later!

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